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For the purposes of this chapter and administering chapter 18.74 RCW, the following words and phrases have the following meanings:
(1) The "performance of tests of neuromuscular function" includes the performance of electroneuromyographic examinations.
(2) "Consultation" means a communication regarding a patient's evaluation and proposed treatment plan with an authorized health care practitioner.
(3) "Supervisor" means the licensed physical therapist.
(4) "Trained supportive personnel" means:
(a) "Physical therapist assistant." An individual who meets all the requirements of this chapter and is licensed as a physical therapist assistant and who performs physical therapy procedures and related tasks that have been selected and delegated only by the supervising physical therapist. However, a physical therapist may not delegate sharp debridement to a physical therapist assistant; or
(b) "Physical therapy aide." An individual who is involved in direct physical therapy patient care who does not meet the definition of a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant and receives ongoing on-the-job training.
(5) "Direct supervision" means the supervisor is on the premises, is quickly and easily available and the patient has been examined by the physical therapist at such time as acceptable physical therapy practice requires, consistent with the delegated health care task.
(6) "Indirect supervision" means the supervisor is not on the premises, but has given either written or oral instructions for treatment of the patient and the patient has been examined by the physical therapist at such time as acceptable health care practice requires, and consistent with the particular delegated health care task.
(7) "Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome" or "AIDS" means the clinical syndrome of HIV-related illness as defined by the board of health by rule.
(8) "Office on AIDS" means the section within the department of social and health services or any successor department with jurisdiction over public health matters as defined in chapter 70.24 RCW.
(9) "Spinal manipulation" or "manipulative mobilization" means movement beyond the normal physiological range of motion.
(10) "Patient reevaluation" means the licensed physical therapist must physically observe and interview the patient.
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