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The following definitions apply throughout this chapter unless the context clearly indicates otherwise.
(1) "Board-approved institution of higher education" means:
(a) An institution offering a program in audiology or speech-language pathology leading to a master's degree or its equivalent, or a doctorate degree or its equivalent, that has been accredited by the council on academic accreditation in audiology and speech-language pathology, or an equivalent program.
(b) An institution offering a speech-language pathology assistant program or a speech, language, and hearing program approved by the state board for community and technical colleges, the higher education coordinating board, or an equivalent body from another state or province. This program must lead to an associate of arts or sciences degree, certificate of proficiency, or bachelor of arts or sciences degree.
(c) A board-approved institution must integrate instruction in multicultural health as part of its basic education preparation curriculum under RCW 43.70.615.
(2) "Direct supervision" means the supervisor is on-site and in view during the procedures or tasks.
(3) "Indirect supervision" means the procedures or tasks are performed under the supervising speech-language pathologist's, audiologist's, or hearing aid specialist's overall direction and control and the supervisor is accessible, but the supervisor's presence is not required during the performance of procedures or tasks.
(4) "Place or places of business" means a permanent address open to the public, which may include an "establishment" as defined in RCW 18.35.010(6), where a licensee engages in the fitting and dispensing of hearing instruments.
(5) "Postgraduate professional work experience" means a supervised full-time professional experience, or the part-time equivalent, as defined in these rules, involving direct patient or client contact, consultations, recordkeeping, and administrative duties relevant to a bona fide program of clinical work.
(a) "Full-time professional experience" means at least 30 hours per week over 36 weeks. Postgraduate professional work experience must be obtained over a period of at least 36 weeks. Applicants who obtain an Au.D. at a board-approved institution of higher education are considered to have met the postgraduate professional work experience requirement.
(b) "Part-time equivalent" means any of the following:
(i) 15-19 hours per week over 72 weeks;
(ii) 20-24 hours per week over 60 weeks;
(iii) 25-29 hours per week over 48 weeks.
(6) "Purchaser" or "buyer" means a patient, client, or legally authorized representative.
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