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Chapter 246-828 WAC


WAC Sections

Examination review and appeal proceduresHearing aid specialist.
Interim permitAudiologist and speech-language pathologist.
Postgraduate professional work experienceAudiologist and speech-language pathologist.
Supervisor delegation for audiologist and speech-language pathologist interim permit holders.
Supervisors of students.
Minimum standards of equipment.
Standards for equipment calibration.
Audiology minimum standards of practice.
Hearing instrument fitting and dispensingMinimum standards of practice.
Speech-language pathology—Minimum standards of practice.
Speech-language pathology assistants—Minimum standards of practice.
Unfair or deceptive practices, unethical conduct and unfair methods of competition—Used or rebuilt products.
Personal disclosure.
Purchaser rescission rights.
Inactive credential.
Expired license or certification.
How to obtain a temporary practice permit while the national background check is completed.
Temporary practice permitMilitary spouse.
Minimum standards for fitting and dispensing locations.
Notice of availability and location of follow-up services.
Reasonable cause for rescission.
HIV/AIDS prevention and information education requirements.
Continuing education.
Adjudicative proceedings.
Approval of programs for hearing aid specialist instruction.
Process for denying or rescinding approval of a program for hearing aid specialist instruction.
Standards for hearing aid specialist programs.
Requirements for speech-language pathology assistant certification.
Definitions—Sexual misconduct.
Sexual misconduct.
Hearing instrument fitter/dispenser, audiologist, speech language pathologist, and speech language pathology assistant fees and renewal cycle.