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WAC 246-358-025

Agency filings affecting this section

Operating license.

The operator:
(1) Must request a license from the department of health or health officer when:
(a) Housing consists of:
(i) Five or more dwelling units; or
(ii) Any combination of dwelling units, or spaces that house ten or more occupants;
(b) Compliance with MSPA requires a license; or
(c) Construction of camp buildings requires a license under chapter 246-359 WAC, Temporary worker housing construction standard.
(2) Must apply for an operating license at least forty-five days prior to either the use of housing or the expiration of an existing operating license by submitting to the department of health or health officer:
(a) A completed application on a form provided by the department or health officer;
(b) Proof water system is current with all water tests required by chapter 246-290 or 246-291 WAC; and
(c) A fee as specified in WAC 246-358-990.
(3) Will receive an operating license for the maximum number of occupants as determined by WAC 246-358-029 when:
(a) The application requirements from subsection (2) of this section are met;
(b) The housing is in compliance with this chapter as demonstrated by:
(i) A licensing survey completed by the department of health; or
(ii) A self-survey completed by the operator and approved by the department of health; and
(c) The operator complies with the corrective action plan established by the department.
(4) May allow the use of housing without a renewed license when all of the following conditions exist:
(a) The operator applied for renewal of an operating license in accordance with subsection (2) of this section at least forty-five days before occupancy, as evidenced by the post mark;
(b) The department of health or health officer has not inspected the housing or issued an operating license;
(c) Other local, state, or federal laws, rules, or codes do not prohibit use of the housing; and
(d) The operator provides and maintains housing in compliance with this chapter.
(5) Must post the operating license in a place readily accessible to occupants of the housing.
(6) Must notify the department of health or health officer of a transfer of ownership.
(7) Must cooperate with the department or health officer during on-site inspections.
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