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RCW 70.42.150

Revocation of license.

Under this chapter, and chapter 34.05 RCW, the department may revoke the license of any licensee who:

     (1) Fails or refuses to comply with the requirements of this chapter or the rules adopted under this chapter;

     (2) Has knowingly or with reason to know made a false statement of a material fact in the application for a license or in any data attached thereto or in any record required by the department;

     (3) Refuses to allow representatives of the department to examine any book, record, or file required by this chapter to be maintained;

     (4) Willfully prevented, interfered with, or attempted to impede in any way the work of a representative of the department;

     (5) Willfully prevented or interfered with preservation of evidence of a known violation of this chapter or the rules adopted under this chapter;

     (6) Misrepresented, or was fraudulent in, any aspect of the licensee's business;

     (7) Used false or fraudulent advertising; or

     (8) Failed to pay any civil monetary penalty assessed by the department pursuant to this chapter within twenty-eight days after the assessment becomes final.

     The department may summarily revoke a license when it finds continued licensure of a test site immediately jeopardizes the public health, safety, or welfare.

[1989 c 386 § 16.]