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Chapter 70.42 RCW


RCW Sections

70.42.005Intent -- Construction.
70.42.020License required.
70.42.030Waiver of license -- Conditions.
70.42.040Sites approved under federal law -- Automatic licensure.
70.42.050Permission to perform tests not covered by license -- License amendment.
70.42.060Quality control, quality assurance, recordkeeping, and personnel standards.
70.42.070Proficiency testing program.
70.42.080Test site supervisor.
70.42.090Fees -- Account.
70.42.100Applicants -- Requirements.
70.42.110Issuance of license -- Renewal.
70.42.120Denial of license.
70.42.130Conditions upon license.
70.42.140Suspension of license.
70.42.150Revocation of license.
70.42.160Penalties -- Acts constituting violations.
70.42.170On-site reviews.
70.42.180Operating without a license -- Injunctions or other remedies -- Penalty.
70.42.190Petition of superior court for review of disciplinary action.
70.42.200Persons who may not own or operate test site.
70.42.210Confidentiality of certain information.
70.42.900Effective dates -- 1989 c 386.