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RCW 70.128.260

Limitation on restrictive covenants.

(1) To effectuate the public policies of this chapter, restrictive covenants may not limit, directly or indirectly:
(a) Persons with disabilities from living in an adult family home licensed under this chapter; or
(b) Persons and legal entities from operating adult family homes licensed under this chapter, whether for-profit or nonprofit, to provide services covered under this chapter. However, this subsection does not prohibit application of reasonable nondiscriminatory regulation, including but not limited to landscaping standards or regulation of sign location or size, that applies to all residential property subject to the restrictive covenant.
(2) This section applies retroactively to all restrictive covenants in effect on July 26, 2009. Any provision in a restrictive covenant in effect on or after July 26, 2009, that is inconsistent with subsection (1) of this section is unenforceable to the extent of the conflict.
[2009 c 530 § 3.]