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Chapter 70.128 RCW


RCW Sections

70.128.005Findings -- Intent.
70.128.040Adoption of rules and standards -- Negotiated rule making -- Specialty license.
70.128.043Negotiated rule making -- Statewide unit of licensees -- Intent.
70.128.050License -- Required as of July 1, 1990 -- Limitations.
70.128.055Operating without a license -- Misdemeanor.
70.128.057Operating without a license -- Injunction or civil penalty.
70.128.058Operating without a license--Application of consumer protection act.
70.128.060License -- Generally -- Fees.
70.128.064Priority processing for license applications -- Provisional license.
70.128.065Multiple facility operators -- Requirements -- Licensure of additional homes.
70.128.070License -- Inspections -- Correction of violations.
70.128.080License and inspection report -- Availability for review.
70.128.090Inspections -- Generally.
70.128.100Immediate suspension of license when conditions warrant.
70.128.105Injunction if conditions warrant.
70.128.110Prohibition against recommending unlicensed home -- Report and investigation of unlicensed home.
70.128.120Adult family home provider, applicant, resident manager -- Minimum qualifications.
70.128.122Adult family homes licensed by Indian tribes.
70.128.125Resident rights.
70.128.130Adult family homes -- Requirements.
70.128.135Compliance with chapter 70.24 RCW.
70.128.140Compliance with local codes and state and local fire safety regulations.
70.128.150Adult family homes to work with local quality assurance projects -- Interference with representative of ombuds program -- Penalty.
70.128.160Department authority to take actions in response to noncompliance or violations -- Civil penalties -- Adult family home account.
70.128.163Temporary management program -- Purposes -- Voluntary participation -- Temporary management duties, duration -- Rules.
70.128.167Disputed violations, enforcement remedies -- Informal dispute resolution process.
70.128.170Homes relying on prayer for healing -- Application of chapter.
70.128.200Toll-free telephone number for complaints -- Discrimination or retaliation prohibited.
70.128.210Training standards review -- Delivery system -- Issues reviewed -- Report to the legislature.
70.128.220Elder care -- Professionalization of providers.
70.128.230Long-term caregiver training.
70.128.240Approval system -- Department-approved training -- Adoption of rules.
70.128.250Required training and continuing education--Food safety training and testing.
70.128.260Limitation on restrictive covenants.
70.128.270Legislative intent -- Enacting recommendations included in the adult family home quality assurance panel report.
70.128.280Required disclosure -- Forms -- Decrease in scope of care, services, activities -- Notice -- Increased needs of a resident -- Denial of admission to a prospective resident -- Department web site.
70.128.290Correction of a violation or deficiency -- Not included in a home's report -- Criteria.
70.128.901Construction -- Chapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships -- 2009 c 521.