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Chapter 49.17 RCW


RCW Sections

49.17.022Legislative findings and intent--Definition of agriculture.
49.17.030Application of chapter -- Fees and charges.
49.17.040Rules and regulations -- Authority -- Procedure.
49.17.041Agricultural safety standards -- Limitation on adopting or establishing between January 1, 1995, through January 15, 1996 -- Requirements.
49.17.050Rules and regulations -- Guidelines -- Standards.
49.17.055WISHA advisory committee--Appointment of members--Duties--Terms, compensation, and expenses.
49.17.060Employer -- General safety standard -- Compliance.
49.17.070Right of entry -- Inspections and investigations -- Subpoenas -- Contempt.
49.17.075Search warrants.
49.17.080Variance from safety and health standards -- Application -- Contents -- Procedure.
49.17.090Variance from safety and health standards -- Notice -- Hearing -- Order -- Modification or revocation.
49.17.100Inspection -- Employer and employee representatives.
49.17.110Compliance by employee -- Violations -- Notice -- Review.
49.17.120Violations -- Citations.
49.17.130Violations -- Dangerous conditions -- Citations and orders of immediate restraint -- Restraints -- Restraining orders.
49.17.140Appeal to board -- Notification of assessment of penalty -- Final order -- Procedure -- Redetermination -- Hearing -- Rules.
49.17.150Appeal to superior court -- Review or enforcement of orders.
49.17.160Discrimination against employee filing complaint, instituting proceedings, or testifying prohibited -- Procedure -- Remedy.
49.17.170Injunctions -- Temporary restraining orders.
49.17.180Violations -- Civil penalties.
49.17.190Violations -- Criminal penalties.
49.17.200Confidentiality -- Trade secrets.
49.17.210Research, experiments, and demonstrations for safety purposes -- Confidentiality of information -- Variances.
49.17.220Records -- Reports -- Notice to employee exposed to harmful materials.
49.17.230Compliance with federal act -- Agreements and acceptance of grants authorized.
49.17.240Safety and health standards.
49.17.243Safety and health investment projects -- Grants or contracts -- Rules.
49.17.250Voluntary compliance program -- Consultation and advisory services.
49.17.260Statistics -- Investigations -- Reports.
49.17.270Administration of chapter.
49.17.280Agricultural workers and handlers of agricultural pesticides -- Coordination of regulation and enforcement with department of agriculture.
49.17.285Medical monitoring -- Records on covered pesticides -- Reports.
49.17.288Cholinesterase monitoring -- Reports.
49.17.300Temporary worker housing -- Electricity -- Storage, handling, preparation of food -- Rules.
49.17.310Temporary worker housing -- Licensing, operation, and inspection -- Rules -- Definition.
49.17.320Temporary worker housing operation standards -- Departments' agreement -- Enforcement -- Definition.
49.17.360Ergonomics Initiative--Intent.
49.17.370Ergonomics Initiative--Definition--Rule repeal.
49.17.400Construction crane safety -- Definitions.
49.17.410Construction crane safety -- Application.
49.17.420Construction crane certification program -- Rules -- Certificate of operation.
49.17.430Qualified construction crane operators -- Rules -- Apprentice operators or trainees -- Reciprocity.
49.17.440Construction crane safety -- Rules -- Implementation.
49.17.465Handling hazardous drugs -- Health care facilities -- Rules.
49.17.900Short title.
49.17.910Severability -- 1973 c 80.