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Chapter 46.72A RCW


RCW Sections

46.72A.010Finding and intent.
46.72A.020Engagement of and fares for carrier services -- Service records -- Carrier information -- Penalties -- Rules.
46.72A.030Regulation -- Inspection -- Fees--Penalties.
46.72A.040State preemption -- Exceptions.
46.72A.050Registration--Carrier license, vehicle certificates required--Rules -- Penalty.
46.72A.053Certificate suspension or revocation -- Failure to pay industrial insurance premiums -- Rules -- Cooperative agreements.
46.72A.060Insurance -- Amount -- Penalty.
46.72A.070Vehicle certificates -- Issuance of new or duplicate certificate -- Penalty.
46.72A.080Advertising -- Penalties.
46.72A.090Chauffeurs -- Criteria for, physical exams.
46.72A.100Unprofessional conduct -- Sanctions -- Chauffeur.
46.72A.110Deposit of fees.
46.72A.120Rules and fees.
46.72A.130Continued operation of existing limousines.
46.72A.140Uniform regulation of business and professions act.
46.72A.150Cooperative agreements with cities with populations of five hundred thousand or more -- Enforcement authority, limitations.
46.72A.160Limousine carriers account.