Title 46 RCW
Department of licensing.
General provisions.
Off-road, nonhighway, and wheeled all-terrain vehicles.
Certificates of title.
Vehicle fees.
Special license plates.
Special parking privileges for persons with disabilities.
Drivers' licensesIdenticards.
Driver license compact.
Nonresident violator compact.
Uniform commercial driver's license act.
Financial responsibility.
Mandatory liability insurance.
Vehicle inspection.
Recording devices in motor vehicles.
Vehicle lighting and other equipment.
Size, weight, load.
Transportation of hazardous materials.
AccidentsReportsAbandoned vehicles.
Abandoned recreational vehicles.
Towing and impoundment.
Rules of the road.
Disposition of traffic infractions.
Washington habitual traffic offenders act.
Washington auto theft prevention authority.
Disposition of revenue.
Dealers and manufacturers.
Automotive repair.
Transportation of passengers in for hire vehicles.
Private carrier drivers.
Ride sharing.
Motor vehicle transporters.
Hulk haulers and scrap processors.
Vehicle wreckers.
Motorcycle skills education program.
Driver training schools.
Traffic schools.
Reciprocal or proportional registration of vehicles.
Proportional registration.
Washington model traffic ordinance.
Motorsports vehiclesDealer and manufacturer franchises.
Manufacturers' and dealers' franchise agreements.
Aircraft and airman regulations: Chapter 14.16 RCW.
Aircraft dealers: Chapter 14.20 RCW.
Ambulances and drivers: RCW 70.54.060, 70.54.065.
Auto transportation companies: Title 81 RCW.
Bicycles, regulation by cities: Chapter 35.75 RCW.
Consumer protection: Chapter 19.86 RCW.
controlled substances, seizure and forfeiture of vehicles: RCW 69.50.505.
driving while intoxicated while engaged in occupational duties: RCW 9.91.020.
firearms in vehicle: RCW 9.41.050, 9.41.060.
taking motor vehicle without permission in the first or second degree: RCW 9A.56.070, 9A.56.075.
vehicle prowling: RCW 9A.52.095, 9A.52.100.
Driver training education courses: Chapter 28A.220 RCW.
Emission control program: Chapter 70.120 RCW.
Explosives, regulation: Chapter 70.74 RCW.
Fireworks, regulation, transportation: Chapter 70.77 RCW.
Highway funds, use, constitutional limitations: State Constitution Art. 2 § 40 (Amendment 18).
Hulk haulers and scrap processors: Chapter 46.79 RCW.
Juveniles, court to forward record to director of licensing: RCW 13.50.200.
Leases: Chapter 62A.2A RCW.
"Lemon Law": Chapter 19.118 RCW.
Limited access highways, violations: RCW 47.52.120.
Littering: Chapter 70.93 RCW.
Marine employeesPublic employment relations: Chapter 47.64 RCW.
Motor boat regulation: Chapter 79A.60 RCW.
Motor vehicle use tax: Chapter 82.12 RCW.
Motor vehicle fund income from United States securitiesExemption from reserve fund requirement: RCW 43.84.095.
State patrol: Chapter 43.43 RCW.
Toll bridges: Chapters 47.56, 47.60 RCW.
Traffic control at work sites: RCW 47.36.200.
Traffic safety commission: Chapter 43.59 RCW.
Transit vehicles, unlawful conduct in: RCW 9.91.025.
Warranties, express: Chapter 19.118 RCW.
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