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Chapter 46.44 RCW


RCW Sections

46.44.010Outside width limit.
46.44.013Appurtenances on recreational vehicles.
46.44.020Maximum height -- Impaired clearance signs.
46.44.030Maximum lengths.
46.44.034Maximum lengths -- Front and rear protrusions.
46.44.036Combination of units -- Limitation.
46.44.037Combination of units -- Lawful operations.
46.44.041Maximum gross weights -- Wheelbase and axle factors.
46.44.042Maximum gross weights -- Axle and tire factors.
46.44.043Cement trucks -- Axle loading controls.
46.44.047Excess weight -- Logging trucks -- Special permits -- County or city permits -- Fees -- Discretion of arresting officer.
46.44.049Effect of weight on highways -- Study authorized.
46.44.050Minimum length of wheelbase.
46.44.060Outside load limits for passenger vehicles.
46.44.070Drawbar requirements -- Trailer whipping or weaving -- Towing flag.
46.44.080Local regulations -- State highway regulations.
46.44.090Special permits for oversize or overweight movements.
46.44.091Special permits -- Gross weight limit.
46.44.0915Heavy haul industrial corridors--Overweight sealed containers and vehicles.
46.44.092Special permits -- Overall width limits, exceptions -- Application for permit.
46.44.093Special permits -- Discretion of issuer -- Conditions.
46.44.0941Special permits -- Fees.
46.44.095Temporary additional tonnage permits -- Fees.
46.44.096Special permits -- Determining fee -- To whom paid.
46.44.098Increase in federal limits on sizes and weights -- Increases by commission.
46.44.101Interstate travel by specialized equipment.
46.44.105Enforcement procedures -- Penalties -- Rules.
46.44.110Liability for damage to highways, bridges, etc.
46.44.120Liability of owner, others, for violations.
46.44.130Farm implements -- Gross weight and size limitation exception -- Penalty.
46.44.140Farm implements -- Special permits -- Penalty.
46.44.150Highway improvement vehicles -- Gross weight limit excesses authorized -- Limitations.
46.44.170Mobile home or park model trailer movement special permit and decal -- Responsibility for taxes -- License plates -- Rules.
46.44.173Notice to treasurer and assessor of county where mobile home or park trailer to be located.
46.44.175Penalties -- Hearing.
46.44.180Operation of mobile home pilot vehicle without insurance unlawful -- Amounts -- Exception -- Penalty.
46.44.190Firefighting apparatus.
46.44.200Vehicles or combination of vehicles with weight rating over forty thousand pounds and transporting cattle -- Mandatory stops at state patrol-operated ports of entry -- Exception -- Penalty -- Application.

Rules of court:  Bail in criminal traffic offense cases -- Mandatory appearance -- CrRLJ 3.2.

Traffic infractions -- Monetary penalty schedule -- IRLJ 6.2.

Auto transportation companies: Chapter 81.68 RCW.

Permitting escape of load materials: RCW 46.61.655.