Chapter 46.44 RCW


Outside width limit.
Appurtenances on recreational vehicles.
Maximum heightImpaired clearance signs.
Maximum lengths.
Maximum lengthsFront and rear protrusions.
Combination of unitsLimitation.
Combination of unitsLawful operations.
Maximum gross weightsWheelbase and axle factors.
Maximum gross weightsAxle and tire factors.
Cement trucksAxle loading controls.
Excess weightLogging trucksSpecial permitsCounty or city permitsFeesDiscretion of arresting officer.
Effect of weight on highwaysStudy authorized.
Minimum length of wheelbase.
Outside load limits for passenger vehicles.
Drawbar requirementsTrailer whipping or weavingTowing flag.
Local regulationsState highway regulations.
Special permits for oversize or overweight movements.
Special permitsGross weight limit.
Heavy haul industrial corridorsOverweight sealed containers and vehicles.
Special permitsOverall width limits, exceptionsApplication for permit.
Special permitsDiscretion of issuerConditions.
Special permitsFees.
Temporary additional tonnage permitsFees.
Special permitsDetermining feeTo whom paid.
Increase in federal limits on sizes and weightsIncreases by commission.
Interstate travel by specialized equipment.
Enforcement proceduresPenaltiesRules.
Liability for damage to highways, bridges, etc.
Liability of owner, others, for violations.
Farm implementsGross weight and size limitation exceptionPenalty.
Farm implementsSpecial permitsPenalty.
Highway improvement vehiclesGross weight limit excesses authorizedLimitations.
Mobile home or park model trailer movement special permit and decalResponsibility for taxesLicense platesRules.
Notice to treasurer and assessor of county where mobile home or park trailer to be located.
Operation of mobile home pilot vehicle without insurance unlawfulAmountsExceptionPenalty.
Firefighting apparatus.
Vehicles or combination of vehicles with weight rating over forty thousand pounds and transporting cattleMandatory stops at state patrol-operated ports of entryExceptionPenaltyApplication.
Rules of court: Bail in criminal traffic offense casesMandatory appearanceCrRLJ 3.2.
Traffic infractionsMonetary penalty scheduleIRLJ 6.2.
Auto transportation companies: Chapter 81.68 RCW.
Permitting escape of load materials: RCW 46.61.655.
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