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Chapter 46.25 RCW


RCW Sections

46.25.001Short title.
46.25.005Purpose -- Construction.
46.25.020One license limit.
46.25.030Duties of driver -- Notice to department and employer.
46.25.040Duties of employer.
46.25.050Commercial driver's license required -- Exceptions, restrictions, reciprocity.
46.25.052Commercial learner's permit -- Qualifications, authorized use, endorsements, restrictions.
46.25.055Medical examiner's certificate -- Required.
46.25.057Medical examiner's certificate -- Failure to carry -- Penalty.
46.25.060Knowledge and skills examination, exemptions.
46.25.070Application -- Change of address, name -- Residency -- Hazardous materials endorsement.
46.25.075Certification -- Recordkeeping and administration -- Downgrade.
46.25.080License contents, classifications, endorsements, restrictions.
46.25.082Driving record information.
46.25.085Hazardous materials endorsement.
46.25.088Expiration -- Renewal.
46.25.090Disqualification -- Grounds for, period of -- Records.
46.25.100Restoration after disqualification.
46.25.110Driving with alcohol or THC in system.
46.25.120Test for alcohol or drugs -- Disqualification for refusal of test or positive test -- Procedures.
46.25.123Mandatory reporting of positive test.
46.25.125Disqualification for positive test -- Procedure.
46.25.130Report of violation, disqualification by nonresident.
46.25.150Agreements to carry out chapter.
46.25.160Licenses issued by other jurisdictions.
46.25.170Civil and criminal penalties.
46.25.900Severability -- 1989 c 178.
46.25.901Effective dates -- 1989 c 178.