Chapter 39.84 RCW


RCW Sections

39.84.010Finding and declaration of necessity.
39.84.030Public corporations -- Creation, dissolution.
39.84.040Board of directors of public corporation.
39.84.050Public corporations -- Directors -- Conflicts of interest.
39.84.060Public corporations -- Limitations.
39.84.070Public corporations -- Audit by state.
39.84.080Public corporations -- Powers.
39.84.090Reporting to the department of community, trade, and economic development.
39.84.100Revenue bonds -- Provisions.
39.84.110Revenue bonds -- Refunding.
39.84.120Trust agreements.
39.84.130Commingling of bond proceeds or revenues with municipal funds prohibited -- Exception.
39.84.140Subleases and assignments.
39.84.150Determination of rent.
39.84.160Proceedings in the event of default.
39.84.170Implementation of economic development programs by port district -- Use of nonprofit corporations -- Transfer of funds.
39.84.200Authority of community economic revitalization board under this chapter.
39.84.900Construction -- Supplemental nature of chapter.
39.84.910Captions not part of law.
39.84.920Severability -- 1981 c 300.

Special revenue financing: State Constitution Art. 33 ยง 1.