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Title 39 RCW



39.04Public works.
39.06Public works -- Registration, licensing, of contractors.
39.08Contractor's bond.
39.10Alternative public works contracting procedures.
39.12Prevailing wages on public works.
39.19Office of minority and women's business enterprises.
39.23Purchase of products and services of sheltered workshops, DSHS programs.
39.24Public purchase preferences.
39.26Procurement of goods and services.
39.28Emergency public works.
39.30Contracts -- Indebtedness limitations -- Competitive bidding violations.
39.32Acquisition of governmental property.
39.33Intergovernmental disposition of property.
39.34Interlocal cooperation act.
39.35Energy conservation in design of public facilities.
39.35APerformance-based contracts for water conservation, solid waste reduction, and energy equipment.
39.35BLife-cycle cost analysis of public facilities.
39.35CEnergy conservation projects.
39.35DHigh-performance public buildings.
39.36Limitation of indebtedness of taxing districts.
39.40Vote required at bond elections.
39.42State bonds, notes, and other evidences of indebtedness.
39.44Bonds -- Miscellaneous provisions, bond information reporting.
39.46Bonds -- Other miscellaneous provisions -- Registration.
39.48Bonds sold to government at private sale.
39.50Short-term obligations -- Municipal corporations.
39.52Funding indebtedness in counties, cities, and towns.
39.53Refunding bond act.
39.58Public funds -- Deposits and investments -- Public depositaries.
39.59Public funds -- Authorized investments.
39.60Investment of public funds in bonds, notes, etc. -- Collateral.
39.62Uniform facsimile signature of public officials act.
39.64Taxing district relief.
39.67Agreements between taxing districts.
39.69Public loans to municipal corporations.
39.72Lost or destroyed evidence of indebtedness.
39.76Interest on unpaid public contracts.
39.80Contracts for architectural and engineering services.
39.84Industrial development revenue bonds.
39.86Private activity bond allocation.
39.88Community redevelopment financing act.
39.89Community revitalization financing.
39.90Validation of bonds and financing proceedings.
39.92Local transportation act.
39.94Financing contracts.
39.96Payment agreements.
39.98School district credit enhancement program.
39.100Hospital benefit zones.
39.102Local infrastructure financing tool program.
39.104Local revitalization financing.
39.106Joint municipal utility services.
39.108Local infrastructure project areas.
39.110Local economic development financing.

Cities and towns -- Leases -- Ballot proposition -- Rental or option payment in excess of debt limit -- Election: RCW 35.42.200 through 35.42.220.

Colleges and university, contracts by student associations: RCW 28B.10.640.

Community renewal: Chapter 35.81 RCW.

Conditional sales contracts by school districts for acquisition of property or property rights: RCW 28A.335.200.

Contracts by cemetery districts for public facilities, services, and purchasing: RCW 68.52.192 and 68.52.193.

Conveyance of real property by public bodies -- Recording: RCW 65.08.095.

County owned real property -- Exchange for privately owned real property of equal value: RCW 36.34.330.

Credit card use by local governments: RCW 43.09.2855.

Credit of state and municipal corporations not to be loaned: State Constitution Art. 8 §§ 5, 7.

Higher education facilities authority: Chapter 28B.07 RCW.

Highway and road improvement, validity of agreement to indemnify against liability for negligence: RCW 4.24.115.

Hospitalization and medical aid for public employees and dependents -- Premiums, governmental contributions authorized: RCW 41.04.180, 41.04.190.

Municipal revenue bond act: Chapter 35.41 RCW.

Participation in world fairs by municipal corporations and political subdivisions authorized: Chapter 35.60 RCW.

Public bodies may retain collection agencies to collect public debts -- Fees: RCW 19.16.500.

Public officer requiring bond or insurance from particular insurer, agent or broker, procuring bond or insurance, violations: RCW 48.30.270.

School district hot lunch program, federal surplus or donated food commodities: Chapter 28A.235 RCW.

State money to be disbursed only by appropriation: State Constitution Art. 8 § 4 (Amendment 11).

Subcontractors to be identified by bidder, when: RCW 39.30.060.