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RCW 39.33.070

School districts and libraries—Disposal of obsolete or surplus reading materials—Procedures.

Any school district or educational service district, after complying with the requirements of RCW 28A.335.180, and any library, as defined in RCW 27.12.010, may dispose of surplus or obsolete books, periodicals, newspapers, and other reading materials as follows:
(1) If the reading materials are estimated to have value as reading materials in excess of one thousand dollars, they shall be sold at public auction to the person submitting the highest reasonable bid following publication of notice of the auction in a newspaper with a general circulation in the library or school district.
(2) If no reasonable bids are submitted under subsection (1) of this section or if the reading materials are estimated to have value as reading materials of one thousand dollars or less, the library or school district may directly negotiate the sale of the reading materials to a public or private entity.
(3) If the reading materials are determined to have no value as reading materials or if no purchaser is found under subsection (2) of this section the reading materials may be recycled or destroyed.
These methods for disposing of surplus or obsolete reading materials shall be in addition to any other method available to libraries and school districts for disposal of the property.
[1990 c 33 § 567; 1979 ex.s. c 134 § 1.]
PurposeStatutory referencesSeverability1990 c 33: See RCW 28A.900.100 through 28A.900.102.