Chapter 39.26 RCW


RCW Sections

39.26.020Ethics in public contracting.
39.26.030State procurement records -- Disclosure.
39.26.040Prohibition on certain contracts.
39.26.050Provision of goods and services.
39.26.060Cooperative purchasing.
39.26.070Convenience contracts.
39.26.080Procurement policy -- Director's responsibility and authority -- Master contracts.
39.26.090Director's duties and responsibilities -- Rules.
39.26.102Exemption -- Department of corrections.
39.26.120Competitive solicitation.
39.26.125Competitive solicitation -- Exceptions.
39.26.130Emergency purchases.
39.26.140Sole source contracts.
39.26.150Public notice -- Posting on enterprise vendor registration and bid notification system.
39.26.160Bid awards -- Considerations -- Requirements and criteria to be set forth -- Negotiations -- Use of enterprise vendor registration and bid notification system.
39.26.170Complaints -- Protests.
39.26.180Contract management.
39.26.200Authority to debar.
39.26.210List of agency contracts -- Contract audits.
39.26.220Contract audit and investigative findings, enforcement actions, and status of agency resolution -- Report.
39.26.230Purchases from entities serving or providing opportunities through community rehabilitation programs.
39.26.235Purchase of wireless devices or services.
39.26.240Awards of procurement contracts to veteran-owned businesses.
39.26.245Awards of procurement contracts to office of minority and women's business enterprises.
39.26.250Preferences -- Purchase of goods and services from inmate work programs.
39.26.251Purchase of articles or products from inmate work programs -- Replacement of goods and services obtained from outside the state -- Rules.
39.26.255Preferences -- Purchase of products containing recycled material -- Directory of suppliers -- Rules.
39.26.260Preferences -- In-state procurement.
39.26.265Preferences -- Purchase of electronic products meeting environmental performance standards -- Requirements for surplus electronic products.
39.26.270List of statutes and regulations of each state that grants preference to in-state vendors.
39.26.271Rules for reciprocity in bidding.
39.26.280Preference -- Products and products in packaging that does not contain polychlorinated biphenyls -- Limitations -- Products and products in packaging containing polychlorinated biphenyls.
39.26.290Tests and data of products procured.
39.26.900Effective date -- 2012 c 224.