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Chapter 39.19 RCW


RCW Sections

39.19.030Office of minority and women's business enterprises -- Director -- Powers and duties.
39.19.041Ad hoc advisory committees.
39.19.050Standard clauses required in requests for proposals, advertisements, and bids.
39.19.060Compliance with public works and procurement goals -- Plan to maximize opportunity for minority and women-owned businesses.
39.19.070Compliance with goals -- Bidding procedures.
39.19.075Compliance with goals -- Valuation of goods or services.
39.19.080Prohibited activities -- Penalties.
39.19.090Compliance with chapter or contract -- Remedies.
39.19.100Enforcement by attorney general -- Injunctive relief.
39.19.110Enforcement by attorney general -- Investigative powers.
39.19.120Certification of business enterprises.
39.19.140Implementation of statewide certification.
39.19.150Local government may petition for reconsideration of business certification.
39.19.160Local government responsible for monitoring compliance.
39.19.170Prequalification of minority and women-owned businesses -- Waiver of performance bond.
39.19.200Minority and women's business enterprises account -- Created.
39.19.210Businesses using the office -- Fees.
39.19.220Political subdivisions -- Fees.
39.19.230State agencies and educational institutions -- Fees.
39.19.240Linked deposit program -- Compilation of information -- Notification regarding enterprises no longer certified -- Monitoring loans.
39.19.250Participation in contracts by qualified minority and women-owned and controlled businesses -- Data -- Contact people -- Reports.
39.19.910Effective date -- Applicability -- 1983 c 120.
39.19.920Severability -- Conflict with federal requirements -- 1983 c 120.
39.19.921Severability -- 1987 c 328.

Minority and women business development office: RCW 43.31.0925.