Chapter 39.12 RCW


RCW Sections

39.12.015Industrial statistician to make determinations of prevailing rate.
39.12.020Prevailing rate to be paid on public works and under public building service maintenance contracts -- Posting of statement of intent -- Exception.
39.12.021Prevailing rate to be paid on public works -- Apprentice workers.
39.12.022Vocationally handicapped -- Exemption from RCW 39.12.020 -- Procedure.
39.12.026Surveys -- Applicability by county.
39.12.030Contract specifications must state minimum hourly rate -- Stipulation for payment -- Residential and commercial construction work.
39.12.040Statement of intent to pay prevailing wages, affidavit of wages paid -- Alternative procedure.
39.12.042Compliance with RCW 39.12.040 -- Liability of public agencies to workers, laborers, or mechanics.
39.12.050False statement or failure to file -- Penalty -- Unpaid wages lien against bond and retainage -- Prohibitions on bidding on future contracts -- Hearing.
39.12.055Prohibitions on bidding on future contracts.
39.12.060Director of labor and industries to arbitrate disputes.
39.12.065Investigation of complaints -- Hearing -- Remedies -- Penalties.
39.12.070Fees authorized for approvals, certifications, and arbitrations.
39.12.080Public works administration account.
39.12.100Independent contractors -- Criteria.
39.12.110Failure to provide or allow inspection of records.
39.12.900Severability -- 1945 c 63.

Enforcement of wage claims: RCW 49.48.040.

Hours of labor on public works: Chapter 49.28 RCW.

Workers' compensation applicable to public works contracts: RCW 51.12.050, 51.12.070.