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RCW 39.10.340

General contractor/construction manager procedure—Uses.

Subject to the process in RCW 39.10.270 or 39.10.280, public bodies may utilize the general contractor/construction manager procedure for public works projects where at least one of the following is met:
(1) Implementation of the project involves complex scheduling, phasing, or coordination;
(2) The project involves construction at an occupied facility which must continue to operate during construction;
(3) The involvement of the general contractor/construction manager during the design stage is critical to the success of the project;
(4) The project encompasses a complex or technical work environment;
(5) The project requires specialized work on a building that has historic significance; or
(6) The project is, and the public body elects to procure the project as, a heavy civil construction project. However, no provision of this chapter pertaining to a heavy civil construction project applies unless the public body expressly elects to procure the project as a heavy civil construction project.
[2014 c 42 § 3; 2013 c 222 § 12; 2007 c 494 § 301. Prior: 2003 c 352 § 3; 2003 c 300 § 5; 2002 c 46 § 2; 2001 c 328 § 3. Formerly RCW 39.10.061.]
Sunset Act application: See note following chapter digest.
Effective date2013 c 222: See note following RCW 39.10.210.
Effective date2002 c 46: See note following RCW 39.10.300.
Effective date2001 c 328: See note following RCW 39.10.210.