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PDFWAC 460-33A-080

Registration and examination of mortgage broker-dealers.

(1) Every person acting as a mortgage broker-dealer, unless otherwise exempt, must first obtain a broker-dealer's license under the provisions of this chapter.
(2) Every applicant under this section shall provide the director proof of compliance with WAC 460-33A-040.
(3) Every applicant for registration as a mortgage broker-dealer shall file a completed mortgage broker-dealer application form, together with the applicable filing fee.
(4)(a) Every applicant under this section shall submit to the director proof that the individual applicant, an officer if the applicant is a corporation, a manager if the applicant is a limited liability company, or a general partner if the applicant is a partnership has passed the uniform securities agent law examination (series 63) within the last two years.
(b) Any individual out of the business of effecting transactions in securities for less than two years and who has previously passed the required examination in (a) of this subsection or the Washington state securities examination shall not be required to retake the examination in order for the mortgage broker-dealer to be eligible for registration under this chapter.
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