Chapter 446-20 WAC

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WAC Sections

446-20-010General applicability.
446-20-030Convictions under appeal or review.
446-20-040Deferred prosecutions.
446-20-050Criminal justice agencies.
446-20-060Certification of agencies.
446-20-070Inspection—Individual's right to review record.
446-20-080Inspection—Forms to be made available.
446-20-090Inspection of record by the subject of record.
446-20-100Inspection—Timeliness and manner of agency response.
446-20-120Challenge—Individual's right to challenge.
446-20-130Challenge—Forms to be made available.
446-20-140Challenge—Agency to make determination.
446-20-150Correction of erroneous information.
446-20-160Review of refusal to alter record.
446-20-170Secondary dissemination.
446-20-180Dissemination pursuant to contract for services.
446-20-190Dissemination—Research purposes.
446-20-200Disclosure to assist victim.
446-20-210Protection from accidental loss or injury.
446-20-220Protection against unauthorized access.
446-20-230Personnel security.
446-20-240Personnel training.
446-20-250Contractor personnel clearances.
446-20-260Auditing of criminal history record information systems.
446-20-270Establishment of procedures.
446-20-280Employment—Conviction records.
446-20-285Employment—Conviction records.
446-20-400Form of request to inspect record.
446-20-410Form of request to review refusal to modify record.
446-20-420Model agreement for research, evaluative or statistical purposes.
446-20-430Certification request.
446-20-440Contract for support services model agreement under WAC 446-20-180.
446-20-450CHRI challenge form.
446-20-500Sex offender and kidnapping offender registration.
446-20-510History retention.
446-20-515Photograph/fingerprint requirement.
446-20-525Change of address form.
446-20-530Refundable fee.
446-20-610Superintendent of public instruction—Prospective educational employees—Fees.
446-20-630Department of social and health services—Child care licensing—Fees.
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