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WAC 392-330-060


An eligible district's application shall be on forms provided by the superintendent of public instruction and shall contain at a minimum the following information:
(1)(a) Degree of racial imbalance in the proposed project school or for racial imbalance but for magnet and other student assignment efforts;
(b) Nature of the proposed program and the extent to which it meets the goals set forth in WAC 392-330-040; and
(c) Elements of the proposed program which support interaction among students of diverse minority and ethnic groups.
(2) The desired outcomes for each magnet program, including but not limited to, increased student achievement and desegregation of students;
(3) The design of the evaluation of the project that will produce quantifiable results which will be used to determine the success of the project in meeting the intended outcomes including but not limited to increased student achievement and desegregation of students;
(4) Identify efforts of the school district to collaborate with institutions of higher education, community-based organizations, civic organizations, municipal agencies and appropriate state agencies;
(5) Set forth the personnel plan including how personnel assigned to the magnet school program will be utilized to complete the tasks and achieve the project objectives;
(6) The district's expenditure plan for the application of funds allocated pursuant to this chapter; and
(7) Identify resources which the district may use to continue support for the magnet school activities when assistance under this program is no longer available.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28A.150.290 and 28A.150.370. WSR 94-12-019 (Order 94-06), § 392-330-060, filed 5/23/94, effective 6/23/94.]
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