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PDFWAC 173-321-080

Grant administration.

(1) The obligation of the department to make grant payments is contingent upon the availability of funds through legislative appropriation, and such other conditions not reasonably foreseeable which may preclude awarding such grants.
(2) The department is not responsible for payment of salaries, consultant fees, or other costs related to a contract of the grantee.
(3) The grantee must indemnify and hold the department harmless from and against any liability for any or all injuries to persons or property arising from the negligent act or omission of the grantee arising out of a grant contract.
(4) All grants under this chapter must be consistent with the department's "Administrative Requirements for Recipients of Ecology Grants and Loans" and the funding program guidelines.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 70.105D RCW, RCW 70.105D.070 and 70.105D.070(8). WSR 17-14-045 (Order 16-13), § 173-321-080, filed 6/28/17, effective 7/29/17. Statutory Authority: Chapter 70.105D RCW. WSR 01-05-024 (Order 97-09A), § 173-321-080, filed 2/12/01, effective 3/15/01. Statutory Authority: 1989 c 2. WSR 89-21-072 (Order 89-26), § 173-321-080, filed 10/17/89, effective 11/17/89.]
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