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WAC 132S-100-410

Academic dishonesty process.

Academic dishonesty minimizes the learning process and threatens the learning environment for all students. As members of the CBC learning community, students are not to engage in any form of academic dishonesty.
(1) The class instructor is responsible for handling each case of academic dishonesty in the classroom and for determining a penalty grade as outlined in the course syllabus.
(2) If, within the instructor's professional judgment, reasonable evidence would suggest a student engaged in academic dishonesty, the instructor will provide notice to the student, either written or verbal, of their assertion of academic dishonesty and of the academic penalty grade within thirty instructional days of the occurrence or when the instructor is made aware of the occurrence.
(3) The instructor will submit a report of the assertion of academic dishonesty, the explanation of the notice or actual notice given to the student and a copy of all applicable evidence to the SCO. At this time, the instructor can request that the incident only be documented with the SCO unofficially, or they can officially refer the matter for disciplinary action. If the student has a previous academic dishonesty record, then the SCO can choose to move forward with the disciplinary process without an official referral.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.50.140. WSR 16-12-039, ยง 132S-100-410, filed 5/25/16, effective 6/25/16.]
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