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WAC 132S-100-110

Student appeals board.

The college will have a student appeals board (herein referred to as the "SAB" or "appeals board") composed of three members who will serve as a standing committee until a decision is made regarding the appeal and after their following appeal time frame has passed. The membership of the appeals board will consist of three members, two individuals from the staff or faculty and the vice president of student services or their designee. The two members will be chosen and approved by the SCO and they must possess no direct history or relation to the student that has filed an appeal. The vice president of student services will act as the chairperson of the appeals board. The chairperson will provide administrative oversight throughout the process and participate in committee deliberations, but they will only vote if the SAB decision is tied, at which time the chairperson will cast the deciding vote.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.50.140. WSR 16-12-039, § 132S-100-110, filed 5/25/16, effective 6/25/16.]
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