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PDFWAC 132J-164-060

Appeal of accuracy of records.

(1) When a student believes that his/her academic record is inaccurate, an appeal may be made to the academic board, which will make a determination about the accuracy of the record.
(2) The accuracy of all other records may be appealed to an ad hoc records committee consisting of six persons:
(a) Two students appointed by the current student body president,
(b) Two faculty appointed by the current faculty representative unit president,
(c) One classified person appointed by the current classified staff representative unit president, and
(d) One administrator appointed by the president of the college.
(e) The dean for students shall act as a nonvoting executive secretary for the committee.
(f) The informal hearing shall be held within forty-five academic days of the written request, unless both parties mutually agree on a later date.
(g) The time and location of the hearing shall be determined by the dean for students and shall be so far as practical to the convenience of the concerned parties.
(h) The committee shall be selected for each case and dissolved at the determination of the case.
(i) The procedures and operations of the committee shall be determined by the committee.
(j) The dean for students must be notified if the student wishes to be represented during the hearing.
(k) Any appeals may be made to the president of the college within ten academic days. In all cases, the decisions of the college president shall be final.
[Order 77-3, ยง 132J-164-060, filed 8/30/77.]
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