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PDFWAC 132J-164-040

Procedures for parents and eligible students to request or inspect personal records or to release their personal records to designated persons.

(1) A written request, dated and signed, must be submitted by the parent or eligible student to the office maintaining the student's record. Each office maintaining records shall be treated as an independent entity so far as record requests are concerned.
(a) The person responsible for the record shall respond to the request within a reasonable period of time, but in no case more than 45 academic days, unless an unavoidable hardship would be incurred by the response within that time. In such cases an extension shall be mutually agreed on and the extension agreement signed by the parties involved in the request.
(b) If a student is denied access to his/her record, the person responsible for that administrative unit shall respond in writing stating the reasons for the denial and the procedures for appealing the denial.
(2) Persons making the request must pay the specified fee or an appropriate cost of duplicating the record which shall include cost of materials and personnel time, if appropriate. The fee shall be a minimum of 25¢ and a maximum of $1.00 per page, unless extraordinary circumstances require a higher fee. The exact fee shall be determined by the administrative unit providing the copy according to current fee costs of materials and salary schedules.
(3) The college will disclose those records as required by federal or state statutes so long as there is no violation of the Buckley Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.
(4) No student shall be required to waive his/her rights to either maintain confidentiality or disclose his/her records.
(5) No record will be destroyed during a time when an outstanding disclosure request has been filed on that record.
(6) Student directory information will not be released without a written waiver by the student involved.
(7) A record of disclosures shall be maintained for each record disclosed to other than the student identified in the record and college employees who are authorized or designated to inspect or use such files.
(8) The following administrative units and college personnel are authorized and recognized to maintain student records:
(a) Registration - The registrar has the responsibility to establish and maintain students records as related to student enrollment, class achievement, attendance, and rosters.
(b) Admissions - The coordinator of admissions shall maintain all requests for admissions, which shall include high school records, test scores, letters of recommendation and copies of all correspondence as related to admissions. These records are normally purged after two years of inactivity, after which no admissions record is maintained.
(c) Financial aids - The financial aids officer has the responsibility to compile personal financial information in the determination of students eligibility for financial aids.
(d) Placement - The placement officer has the responsibility to aid students and faculty to develop professional credentials for students for employment purposes. The credentials may contain confidential letters of recommendation and grade records.
(e) Veterans services - The veterans services coordinator has the responsibility to establish and maintain veteran students and dependent students of veterans records for verification of enrollment, completion, and other records as may be needed for compliance with veterans administration requirements.
(f) Dean for students - The office of the dean for students is responsible for records of students involved in extraordinary situations, such as disciplinary problems, records of irregular behavior, violations of parking or other college policies, local, state, or federal laws, or other types of situations which are outside the normal education program.
(g) Health services - The health services office maintains records regarding selective student interviews, receipt of medication and participation in the health services program.
(h) All other records shall be considered incidental and not falling under the jurisdiction of this policy.
(i) Financial records of the parents are not at the students disposal.
[Order 77-3, § 132J-164-040, filed 8/30/77.]
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