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Chapter 132J-155 WAC

Last Update: 7/13/15


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HTMLPDF132J-155-010Statement of purpose.
HTMLPDF132J-155-030Use of facilities.
HTMLPDF132J-155-040Additional requirements for noncollege groups.
HTMLPDF132J-155-050Distribution of materials.


Statement of purpose.

Green River College is an educational institution provided and maintained by the people of the state of Washington. College facilities are reserved primarily for educational use including, but not limited to, instruction, research, public assembly of college groups, student activities and other activities directly related to the educational mission of the college. The public character of the college does not grant to individuals the right to substantially interfere with, or otherwise disrupt the normal activities for and to which the college's facilities and grounds are dedicated. Accordingly, the college is designated a public forum opened for the purposes recited herein and further subject to the time, place, and manner provisions set forth in these rules.
The purpose of the time, place, and manner regulations set forth in this policy is to establish procedures and reasonable controls for the use of college facilities for both college and noncollege groups. It is intended to balance the college's responsibility to fulfill their mission as state educational institutions of Washington with the interests of college groups and noncollege groups who are interested in using the campus for purposes of constitutionally protected speech, assembly or expression. The college recognizes that college groups should be accorded the opportunity to utilize the facilities and grounds of the college to the fullest extent possible. The college intends to open its campus to noncollege groups to the extent that the usage does not conflict with the rights of college groups or substantially disrupt the educational process.
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"College facilities" or "campus" includes all buildings, structures, grounds, office space, and parking lots.
"College group" means individuals who are currently enrolled students or current employees of Green River College or individuals who are sponsored by faculty, a recognized student organization or a recognized employee group of the college.
"Noncollege group" means individuals or groups who are not currently enrolled students or current employees of Green River College.
"Public forum areas" means those areas of campus that the college has chosen to be open as places for expressive activities protected by the first amendment, subject to reasonable time, place or manner provisions.
"Sponsor" means that when a college group invites a noncollege group onto campus, the college group will be responsible for the activity and will designate an individual to be present at all times during the activity. The sponsor will ensure that those participating in the sponsored activity are aware of the college's rules and policies governing the activity. This definition does not apply to noncollege groups that rent college facilities.
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Use of facilities.

(1) There shall be no camping on college facilities or grounds between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. Camping is defined to include sleeping, cooking activities, or storing personal belongings, for personal habitation, or the erection of tents or other shelters or structures used for purposes of personal habitation.
(2) Any sound amplification device may only be used at a volume which does not disrupt or disturb the normal use of classrooms, offices or laboratories, or any previously scheduled college activity.
(3) College groups are encouraged to notify the campus public safety department no later than twenty-four hours in advance of an activity. However, unscheduled activities are permitted so long as the activity does not displace any other activities occurring at the college.
(4) All sites used for first amendment activities should be cleaned up and left in their original condition and may be subject to inspection by a representative of the college after the activity. Reasonable charges may be assessed against the sponsoring organization for the costs of extraordinary cleanup or for the repair of damaged property.
(5) All college and noncollege groups must comply with fire, safety, sanitation or special regulations specified for the activity.
(6) The activity must not be conducted in such a manner as to obstruct vehicular, bicycle, pedestrian, or other traffic or otherwise interfere with ingress or egress to the college, college buildings or facilities, or college activities. The activity must not create safety hazards or pose safety risks to others.
(7) The activity must not substantially interfere with educational activities inside or outside any college building or otherwise prevent the college from fulfilling its mission and achieving its primary purpose of providing an education to its students. The activity must not substantially infringe on the rights and privileges of college students, employees, or invitees to the college.
(8) College facilities may not be used for commercial sales, solicitations, advertising or promotional activities, unless:
(a) Such activities serve educational purposes of the college; and
(b) Such activities are under the sponsorship of a college department, office, or officially chartered student club.
(9) The activity must also be conducted in accordance with any other applicable college policies and rules, local ordinances, state, and federal laws.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.50.140(13) and P.L. 113-4. WSR 14-24-129, § 132J-155-030, filed 12/3/14, effective 1/3/15.]


Additional requirements for noncollege groups.

(1) College facilities may be rented by noncollege groups in accordance with the college's facilities use policy. Noncollege groups may otherwise use college facilities in accordance with Green River College's rules.
(2) The college designates its grounds and outdoor spaces as the public forum area(s) for use by noncollege groups for first amendment activities on campus. Nothing in these rules prohibits noncollege groups from engaging in first amendment activities at open public meetings, subject to the requirements of RCW 42.30.050.
(3) Noncollege groups may use the public forum areas for first amendment activities between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. on days that the college is open to the general public.
(4) Before engaging in first amendment activities, all noncollege groups are encouraged to sign in and notify the college of the noncollege group's presence on campus and to acknowledge receipt of these rules and to ensure that there are no scheduling conflicts. This notice does not involve any application or approval process, and therefore, the ability to use designated areas will not be denied unless they are already reserved for use by another group. This notice is intended to provide the college with knowledge of the noncollege group's presence on campus so that the college can notify the appropriate members of its staff whose services might be needed or impacted by the use of the designated area. When signing in, the individual or group are encouraged to provide the following information:
(a) The name, address, and telephone number of the individual, group, entity, or organization sponsoring the activity (hereinafter "the sponsoring organization");
(b) The name, address, and telephone number of a contact person for the sponsoring organization;
(c) The date, time, and requested location of the activity;
(d) The type of sound amplification devices to be used in connection with the activity, if any; and
(e) The estimated number of people expected to participate in the activity.
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Distribution of materials.

Information may be distributed as long as it is not obscene or does not promote the imminent prospect of actual violence or harm. The distributor is encouraged, but not required, to include its name and address on the distributed information. College groups may post information on bulletin boards, kiosks and other display areas designated for that purpose, and may distribute materials throughout the open areas of campus. Noncollege groups may distribute materials only on the grounds and outside spaces of the campus.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.50.140(13) and P.L. 113-4. WSR 14-24-129, § 132J-155-050, filed 12/3/14, effective 1/3/15.]