Chapter 460-16A WAC

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WAC Sections

460-16A-010Appearance and practice before the securities division.
460-16A-015Electronic or telephonic submissions.
460-16A-020Interpretive opinions and no-action letters.
460-16A-025Applications and reports.
460-16A-030Payment of fees and refunds.
460-16A-033Renewal of registration of securities by coordination.
460-16A-036Renewal of registration of securities by qualification.
460-16A-040Voting rights of preferred stocks.
460-16A-045Protective provisions for preferred shares.
460-16A-050Opinion of counsel.
460-16A-055Corporate resolution.
460-16A-065Convertible senior securities.
460-16A-080Subscription agreement.
460-16A-115Reimbursement of expenses incurred by promoters.
460-16A-120Price variance.
460-16A-125Prospectus or offering circular.
460-16A-126Annual revision of offering circular.
460-16A-127Offering registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC").
460-16A-180Technical reports.
460-16A-185Technical reports prepared by state employee.
460-16A-200Debt offering standards.
460-16A-205Adoption of NASAA statements of policy.
460-16A-390Notice of termination of offering—Change of officers.
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