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Chapter 208-460 WAC

Last Update: 5/1/01


WAC Sections

HTMLPDF208-460-010What is a member business loan?
HTMLPDF208-460-020What member business loans are prohibited?
HTMLPDF208-460-030What are the requirements for MBL development and construction lending?
HTMLPDF208-460-040How do you implement a member business loan program?
HTMLPDF208-460-050What must your member business loan policy address?
HTMLPDF208-460-060What are the collateral and security requirements?
HTMLPDF208-460-070How much may a member or associated members borrow?
HTMLPDF208-460-080How do you calculate the aggregate fifteen percent limit?
HTMLPDF208-460-090What waivers are available?
HTMLPDF208-460-100How do you obtain a waiver?
HTMLPDF208-460-110How do I classify member business loans so as to reserve for potential losses?
HTMLPDF208-460-120How much must I reserve for potential losses?
HTMLPDF208-460-130What is the aggregate member business loan limit?
HTMLPDF208-460-140Are there any exceptions to the aggregate MBL limit?
HTMLPDF208-460-150How do I obtain an exception?
HTMLPDF208-460-160What are the recordkeeping requirements?
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