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PDFWAC 182-531-1710

Alcohol and substance misuse counseling.

(1) The medicaid agency covers alcohol and substance misuse counseling through screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment (SBIRT) services when delivered by, or under the supervision of, a qualified licensed physician or other qualified licensed health care professional within the scope of their practice.
(2) SBIRT is a comprehensive, evidence-based public health practice designed to identify, reduce and prevent problematic use, abuse, and dependence on alcohol and illicit drugs. SBIRT can be used to identify people who are at risk for or have some level of substance use disorder which can lead to illness, injury, or other long-term morbidity or mortality. SBIRT services are provided in a wide variety of medical and community health care settings such as primary care centers, hospital emergency rooms, trauma centers, and dental offices.
(3) The following health care professionals are eligible to become qualified SBIRT providers to deliver SBIRT services or supervise qualified staff to deliver SBIRT services:
(a) Advanced registered nurse practitioners, in accordance with chapters 18.79 RCW and 246-840 WAC;
(b) Substance use disorder professionals (SUDP), in accordance with chapters 18.205 RCW and 246-811 WAC;
(c) Licensed practical nurses, in accordance with chapters 18.79 RCW and 246-840 WAC;
(d) Mental health counselors, in accordance with chapters 18.225 RCW and 246-809 WAC;
(e) Marriage and family therapists, in accordance with chapters 18.225 RCW and 246-809 WAC;
(f) Independent and advanced social workers, in accordance with chapters 18.225 RCW and 246-809 WAC;
(g) Physicians, in accordance with chapters 18.71 RCW and 246-919 WAC;
(h) Physician assistants, in accordance with chapters 18.71A RCW and 246-918 WAC;
(i) Psychologists, in accordance with chapters 18.83 RCW and 246-924 WAC;
(j) Registered nurses, in accordance with chapters 18.79 RCW and 246-840 WAC;
(k) Dentists, in accordance with chapters 18.260 and 246-817; and
(l) Dental hygienists, in accordance with chapters 18.29 and 246-815 WAC.
(4) To become a qualified SBIRT provider, eligible licensed health care professionals must:
(a) Complete agency-approved SBIRT training and mail or fax the SBIRT training certificate or other proof of this training completion to the agency; or
(b) Have an addiction specialist certification and mail or fax proof of this certification to the agency.
(5) The agency pays for SBIRT as follows:
(a) Screenings, which are included in the reimbursement for the evaluation and management code billed;
(b) Brief interventions, limited to four sessions per client, per provider, per calendar year; and
(c) When billed by one of the following qualified SBIRT health care professionals:
(i) Advanced registered nurse practitioners;
(ii) Mental health counselors;
(iii) Marriage and family therapists;
(iv) Independent and advanced social workers;
(v) Physicians;
(vi) Psychologists;
(vii) Dentists; and
(viii) Dental hygienists.
(6) The agency evaluates a request for additional sessions in excess of the limitations or restrictions according to WAC 182-501-0169.
(7) To be paid for providing alcohol and substance misuse counseling through SBIRT, providers must bill the agency using the agency's published billing instructions.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 41.05.021 and 41.05.160. WSR 21-20-132, § 182-531-1710, filed 10/6/21, effective 11/6/21; WSR 18-12-045, § 182-531-1710, filed 5/30/18, effective 7/1/18; WSR 15-03-041, § 182-531-1710, filed 1/12/15, effective 2/12/15.]
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