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PDFWAC 446-08-410

Form and content of trial board decision.

Every decision of the trial board shall contain only the following elements:
(1) Be correctly captioned as to name of agency and name of proceeding;
(2) Designate all parties and counsel participating in the proceeding;
(3) Include a concise statement of the nature and background of the proceeding;
(4) Contain appropriate numbered findings of fact meeting the requirements of RCW 34.05.461;
(5) Contain appropriate numbered conclusions of law including citations of statutes, rules, and regulations relied upon;
(6) In its findings and conclusions, the legal standard for determining whether the charges are sustained shall be the existence or nonexistence of cause as provided in RCW 43.43.070; and
(7) Contain an initial order disposing of all contested issues and complying with the constraints contained in RCW 43.43.090.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 304-05-020 [34.05.020] and chapter 43.43 RCW. WSR 14-03-020, § 446-08-410, filed 1/7/14, effective 2/7/14; Order II, § 446-08-410, filed 11/22/74; Rule .08.410, filed 3/23/60.]
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