Chapter 308-124A WAC

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WAC Sections

308-124A-700Application for a license—Fingerprinting.
308-124A-705Application examination process.
308-124A-707Exam scheduling.
308-124A-710Successful applicants must apply for a license.
308-124A-713Application for managing broker license examination—Other qualification or related experience.
308-124A-715Unsuccessful managing broker applicants—Alternate qualifications.
308-124A-720Application for real estate examination, licensed in another jurisdiction.
308-124A-725Application for license or endorsement.
308-124A-726Reversion from managing broker to broker license.
308-124A-727Application as broker license for interim period.
308-124A-730Broker, managing brokers—Termination of services.
308-124A-735Firm licenses.
308-124A-740Firm license renewal.
308-124A-750Application for managing broker license examination—Clock hour requirements.
308-124A-755Substitution of clock hours.
308-124A-760Grading of examinations.
308-124A-770Examination procedures.
308-124A-775Real estate fees.
308-124A-780Reinstatement of a canceled license for nonpayment of renewal fee.
308-124A-785Broker first active license renewal.
308-124A-788License activation.
308-124A-790Continuing education clock hour requirements.
308-124A-800Defining prescribed core curriculum.
308-124A-805Address on designated broker's endorsement.
308-124A-815Prohibited firm and assumed names.
308-124A-825Change of designated broker.
308-124A-830Firm closing—Designated broker responsibility.
308-124A-835Courses completed in other jurisdictions.
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