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PDFWAC 220-352-070

Description of treaty Indian fish receiving ticket and treaty Indian shellfish receiving ticket.

(1) The department creates, prepares, prints, and distributes upon request the following treaty Indian fish receiving ticket forms:
(a) The treaty Indian fish receiving ticket; and
(b) The treaty Indian shellfish receiving ticket.
(2) Treaty Indian fish receiving ticket forms must contain space for the following information:
(a) Tribe: Name or identification number of tribe.
(b) Name: Name and identification number of deliverer or fisher.
(c) Signature: Signature of deliverer.
(d) Date: Date of harvest for bivalves (clams, oysters, geoduck), and date of landing for all fish and shellfish.
(e) Dealer: Name of the dealer, and the department number assigned to the dealer.
(f) Buyer: Name of the buyer, and the department number assigned to the buyer.
(g) Gear: Code name or number of the specific gear type used.
(h) Dealer's signature: Signature of the original receiver.
(i) Catch area:
(i) River name for river-caught species;
(ii) Salmon catch area for saltwater-caught salmon species;
(iii) Marine fish/shellfish catch area for saltwater-caught nonsalmon species, except bivalve shellfish; or
(iv) The catch area, department of natural resources tract number, or department beach identification number for harvested bivalve shellfish.
(j) The individual number of salmon, steelhead, and sturgeon.
(k) Species description for all fish and shellfish.
(l) On treaty Indian shellfish receiving tickets only:
(i) The Washington department of health issued certification number (WDOH certification);
(ii) The number of ghost shrimp in dozens;
(iii) The number of oysters in dozens or gallons; and
(iv) The number of razor clams.
(m) Species code: The department assigned species code for the species harvested.
(n) The original total weight for each species or species group in round pounds, except:
(i) Pounds of legally dressed fish and shellfish may be recorded in original dressed weight so long as the fish and shellfish are designated as dressed; and
(ii) Weight is not required for oysters.
(o) The value of fish and shellfish purchased.
(p) Tribal tax: The amount of tribal tax collected.
(q) Take-home, ceremonial, subsistence: The species, number, and pounds of fish or shellfish retained for personal, ceremonial, or subsistence use.
(r) Tally space for dealer's use: Used at the dealer's discretion.
(3) The treaty Indian fish receiving ticket or treaty Indian shellfish receiving ticket, whichever is applicable, must be completed for any deliveries of fish or shellfish caught by Washington treaty Indians.
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