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PDFWAC 220-352-040

Required information for Washington state nontreaty fish receiving tickets.

(1) The following information is required to be reported on all nontreaty fish receiving ticket forms for all deliveries except imports (WAC 220-352-020 (1)(b)):
(a) Fisher identification: The name and license number of the licensed deliverer.
(b) Address: The address of the licensed deliverer.
(c) Boat name: The name or Coast Guard number of the landing vessel, unless the fishery does not require a vessel.
(d) WDFW boat registration: The Washington department of fish and wildlife boat registration number, unless the fishery does not require a vessel.
(e) Gear: The code number or name of the specific type of gear used.
(f) Fisher's signature: The signature of the licensed deliverer as required in WAC 220-352-140.
(g) Date: Date of landing.
(h) Original receiver: Name of original receiver and the department number assigned to original receiver.
(i) Buyer identification: The name of buyer and the department number assigned to buyer.
(j) Receiver's signature: The signature of the original receiver as required in WAC 220-352-140.
(k) Number of days fished: Days spent catching fish.
(l) Fish or shellfish caught inside or outside 3-mile limit: Check one box.
(m) Catch area:
(i) The salmon catch area code if salmon are caught.
(ii) The marine fish/shellfish catch area code if marine fish are caught or shellfish are caught or harvested.
(n) Port: Port or landing location of delivery using the relevant location code in use by the department.
(o) Species description: Species must be reported using the relevant species or species category code in use by the department.
(p) Delivery amounts:
(i) Number of individuals caught: Deliveries of salmon and sturgeon and all species landed as part of an incidental catch allowance or catch ratio restriction that is expressed in numbers of fish must be reported as counts of individuals.
(ii) The number of ghost shrimp in dozens, the number of oysters in dozens or gallons.
(iii) The original total weight in round pounds of all shellfish or fish, except that pounds of legally dressed fish and shellfish may be recorded in original dressed weight so long as dressed fish and shellfish are designated as dressed on the fish receiving ticket.
(q) Value of fish and shellfish sold or purchased.
(i) Summary information for species or species groups landed: Price per pound or per unit and total value for the line.
(ii) Total amount: Total value of landing.
(r) Take-home fish: Species, number, and pounds of fish or shellfish retained for personal use.
(s) Crew: The name and signature of crew members who take home fish for personal use.
(t) Fish ticket number: Alphanumeric or numeric code assigned to uniquely identify the fish ticket.
(u) Any other fishery specific requirements under this chapter.
(2) For deliveries reported using paper fish receiving ticket forms:
(a) A valid license card or duplicate license card issued by the department used with an approved mechanical imprinter satisfies the requirements in subsection (1)(a) through (e) of this section except as provided in WAC 220-352-150.
(b) A valid dealer or buyer card issued by the department used with an approved mechanical imprinter satisfies the requirements in subsection (1)(h) and (i) of this section.
(3) For import deliveries under WAC 220-352-020 (1)(b), the receiver must:
(a) Report the following information on the fish receiving ticket form:
(i) Place of origin: Area of harvest using the department provided area code.
(ii) Date of import: Date the fish or shellfish entered Washington state.
(iii) Buyer or broker name.
(iv) Fisher or harvester name.
(v) Deliverer name.
(vi) Delivery amount: Species description and weights.
(b) Attach any previously completed fish receiving ticket, or equivalent document, or the bill of lading to the receiver's retained copy of the paper or electronic fish receiving ticket form.
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