Chapter 9A.60 RCW



HTMLPDF 9A.60.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 9A.60.020Forgery.
HTMLPDF 9A.60.030Obtaining a signature by deception or duress.
HTMLPDF 9A.60.040Criminal impersonation in the first degree.
HTMLPDF 9A.60.045Criminal impersonation in the second degree.
HTMLPDF 9A.60.050False certification.
HTMLPDF 9A.60.060Fraudulent creation or revocation of a mental health advance directive.
HTMLPDF 9A.60.070False academic credentialsUnlawful issuance or useDefinitionsPenalties.
HTMLPDF 9A.60.080Impersonating a census taker.


Ballots, forgery: RCW 29A.84.410.
Cigarette tax stamps, forgery: RCW 82.24.100.
False representations: Chapter 9.38 RCW.
Food, drugs, and cosmetics act: Chapter 69.04 RCW.
Forest products, forgery of brands or marks: RCW 76.36.110, 76.36.120.
Forged instruments, tools for making, search and seizure: RCW 10.79.015.
Forgery: RCW 9A.60.020.
Frauds and swindles: Chapter 9.45 RCW.
Honey act: RCW 69.28.180.
Misdescription of instrument forged immaterial: RCW 10.37.080.
Mutual savings bank, falsification: RCW 32.04.100.
Obtaining employment by forged recommendation: RCW 49.44.040.
Offering forged instrument for filing: RCW 40.16.030.
Optometry certificates falsification: RCW 18.53.140, 18.53.150.
Osteopathy license falsification: RCW 18.57.160.
Public bonds, forgery: Chapter 39.44 RCW.
Public works, falsification of records, etc.: RCW 39.04.110, 39.12.050.