Chapter 9A.56 RCW



9A.56.020TheftDefinition, defense.
9A.56.030Theft in the first degree.
9A.56.040Theft in the second degree.
9A.56.050Theft in the third degree.
9A.56.060Unlawful issuance of checks or drafts.
9A.56.063Making or possessing motor vehicle theft tools.
9A.56.065Theft of motor vehicle.
9A.56.068Possession of stolen vehicle.
9A.56.070Taking motor vehicle without permission in the first degree.
9A.56.075Taking motor vehicle without permission in the second degree.
9A.56.078Motor vehicle crimesCivil action.
9A.56.080Theft of livestock in the first degree.
9A.56.083Theft of livestock in the second degree.
9A.56.085Minimum fine for theft of livestock.
9A.56.096Theft of rental, leased, lease-purchased, or loaned property.
9A.56.100Theft and larceny equated.
9A.56.120Extortion in the first degree.
9A.56.130Extortion in the second degree.
9A.56.140Possessing stolen propertyDefinitionPresumption.
9A.56.150Possessing stolen property in the first degreeOther than firearm or motor vehicle.
9A.56.160Possessing stolen property in the second degreeOther than firearm or motor vehicle.
9A.56.170Possessing stolen property in the third degree.
9A.56.180Obscuring the identity of a machine.
9A.56.200Robbery in the first degree.
9A.56.210Robbery in the second degree.
9A.56.220Theft of subscription television services.
9A.56.230Unlawful sale of subscription television services.
9A.56.240Forfeiture and disposal of device used to commit violation.
9A.56.250Civil cause of action.
9A.56.260Connection of channel converter.
9A.56.262Theft of telecommunication services.
9A.56.264Unlawful manufacture of telecommunication device.
9A.56.266Unlawful sale of telecommunication device.
9A.56.268Civil cause of action.
9A.56.270Shopping cart theft.
9A.56.280Credit, debit cards, checks, etc.Definitions.
9A.56.290Credit, payment cardsUnlawful factoring of transactions.
9A.56.300Theft of a firearm.
9A.56.310Possessing a stolen firearm.
9A.56.320Financial fraudUnlawful possession, production of instruments of.
9A.56.330Possession of another's identification.
9A.56.340Theft with the intent to resell.
9A.56.350Organized retail theft.
9A.56.360Retail theft with special circumstances.
9A.56.370Mail theft.
9A.56.380Possession of stolen mail.
9A.56.390Mail theftPossession of stolen mailCommission of other crime.
9A.56.400Theft from a vulnerable adult in the first degreeTheft from a vulnerable adult in the second degree.


Insurance producer, appropriation of premiums: RCW 48.17.480.
Pawnbrokers and secondhand dealers: RCW 19.60.066.
Public lands, taking or destroying property is theft: RCW 79.02.310.
Public officer misappropriating funds: RCW 42.20.070, 42.20.090.
Removing native flora from state lands or highways: RCW 47.40.080.
Retaining books, etc., from public library: RCW 27.12.340.
Search and seizures: Chapter 10.79 RCW.
Stealing, receiving railroad property: RCW 81.60.080.
Stolen property, restoration, sale does not divest rights, duty of officer: RCW 10.79.050.
Sufficiency of indictment or information alleging crime of larceny: RCW 10.37.110.