Chapter 9A.42 RCW



HTMLPDF 9A.42.005Findings and intentChristian Science treatmentRules of evidence.
HTMLPDF 9A.42.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 9A.42.020Criminal mistreatment in the first degree.
HTMLPDF 9A.42.030Criminal mistreatment in the second degree.
HTMLPDF 9A.42.035Criminal mistreatment in the third degree.
HTMLPDF 9A.42.037Criminal mistreatment in the fourth degree.
HTMLPDF 9A.42.039Arresting officer, notification by.
HTMLPDF 9A.42.040Withdrawal of life support systems.
HTMLPDF 9A.42.045Palliative care.
HTMLPDF 9A.42.050Defense of financial inability.
HTMLPDF 9A.42.060Abandonment of a dependent person in the first degreeException.
HTMLPDF 9A.42.070Abandonment of a dependent person in the second degreeException.
HTMLPDF 9A.42.080Abandonment of a dependent person in the third degreeException.
HTMLPDF 9A.42.090Abandonment of a dependent personDefense.
HTMLPDF 9A.42.100Endangerment with a controlled substance.
HTMLPDF 9A.42.110Leaving a child in the care of a sex offender.