Title 91 RCW

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91.08Public waterways.


Appropriation of water for public and industrial purposes: Chapter 90.16 RCW.
Assessments and charges against state lands: Chapter 79.44 RCW.
Cities and towns
dikes, levees, embankmentsAuthority to construct: RCW 35.21.090.
waterways: Chapter 35.56 RCW.
Construction projects in state waters: Chapter 77.55 RCW.
Contracts with flood control districts: RCW 86.24.040.
Counties, joint canal construction: RCW 36.64.060.
Dams, height on tributaries of Columbia river: Chapter 77.55 RCW.
Director of fish and wildlife may modify inadequate fishways and fish guards: RCW 77.57.040, 77.57.060.
Easements over public lands: Chapter 79.36 RCW.
Eminent domain: Title 8 RCW
by citiesCondemnation authorizedPurposes enumerated: RCW 8.12.030.
by corporations: Chapter 8.20 RCW.
interest on verdict fixedSuspension during pendency of appeal: RCW 8.28.040.
notice where military land (state) is involved: RCW 8.28.030.
First-class citiesCity may let wharves: RCW 35.22.410.
Flood control: Title 86 RCW.
Harbors and tide waters: State Constitution Art. 15.
Lake Washington ship canal: RCW 37.08.240.
Lien for labor and materials on public works: Chapter 60.28 RCW.
Marine employeesPublic employment relations: Chapter 47.64 RCW.
Material removed for channel or harbor improvement, or flood controlUse for public purpose: RCW 79.140.110.
Navigation and harbor improvements: Title 88 RCW.
Property taxesCertain property exempt: RCW 84.36.010.
Public contracts and indebtedness: Title 39 RCW.
Sale of state-owned tidelands or shorelands to municipal corporation or state agency: RCW 79.125.700.
State toll bridges, tunnels and ferries: Chapters 47.56 through 47.60 RCW.
Tidelands, shorelands and harbor areas: Chapters 79.115, 79.125 RCW.
Water rights: Title 90 RCW.