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Right of entry and access to records pertinent to investigations.

(1) The department, through its duly authorized representatives, shall have the power to enter upon any private or public property, including the boarding of any ship, at any reasonable time, and the owner, managing agent, master, or occupant of such property shall permit such entry for the purpose of investigating conditions relating to violations or possible violations of this chapter, and to have access to any pertinent records relating to such property, including but not limited to operation and maintenance records and logs. The authority granted in this section shall not be construed to require any person to divulge trade secrets or secret processes. The director may issue subpoenas for the production of any books, records, documents, or witnesses in any hearing conducted pursuant to this chapter.
(2) The department may utilize the authority granted to it in RCW 79.100.140 for the purposes of mitigating a potential threat to health, safety, or the environment from a vessel.


FindingsSeverability1990 c 116: See notes following RCW 90.56.210.
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