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The department may adopt rules including but not limited to the following matters:
(1) Procedures and methods of reporting discharges and other occurrences prohibited by this chapter;
(2) Procedures, methods, means, and equipment to be used by persons subject to regulation by this chapter and such rules may prescribe the times, places, and methods of transfer of oil;
(3) Coordination of procedures, methods, means, and equipment to be used in the removal of oil;
(4) Development and implementation of criteria and plans to meet oil spills of various kinds and degrees;
(5) When and under what circumstances, if any, chemical agents, such as coagulants, dispersants, and bioremediation, may be used in response to an oil spill;
(6) The disposal of oil recovered from a spill; and
(7) Such other rules and regulations as the exigencies of any condition may require or such as may be reasonably necessary to carry out the intent of this chapter.
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