Chapter 9.95 RCW



HTMLPDF 9.95.0001Definitions.
HTMLPDF 9.95.0002Transfer of board to department of correctionsMembers of board shall exercise independent judgment.
HTMLPDF 9.95.001Board of prison terms and paroles redesignated as indeterminate sentence review board.
HTMLPDF 9.95.002Board considered parole board.
HTMLPDF 9.95.003Appointment of board membersQualificationsDuties of chairSalaries and travel expensesStaffing.
HTMLPDF 9.95.005Board meetingsQuarters at institutions.
HTMLPDF 9.95.007Transaction of board's business in panelsAction by full board.
HTMLPDF 9.95.009Board of prison terms and paroles redesignated indeterminate sentence review boardContinuation of functions.
HTMLPDF 9.95.010Court to fix maximum sentence.
HTMLPDF 9.95.011Minimum terms.
HTMLPDF 9.95.013Application of sentencing reform act to board decision.
HTMLPDF 9.95.015Finding of fact or special verdict establishing defendant armed with deadly weapon.
HTMLPDF 9.95.017Criteria for confinement and parole.
HTMLPDF 9.95.020Duties of superintendent of correctional institution.
HTMLPDF 9.95.028Statement of prosecuting attorney provided to department, when.
HTMLPDF 9.95.030Statement to indeterminate sentence review board.
HTMLPDF 9.95.031Statement of prosecuting attorney.
HTMLPDF 9.95.032Statement of prosecuting attorneyDelivery of statement.
HTMLPDF 9.95.040Terms fixed by boardMinimums for certain cases.
HTMLPDF 9.95.045Abused victimReduction in sentence for murder of abuserPetition for review.
HTMLPDF 9.95.047Abused victimConsiderations of board in reviewing petition.
HTMLPDF 9.95.052Redetermination and refixing of minimum term of confinement.
HTMLPDF 9.95.055Reduction of sentences during war emergency.
HTMLPDF 9.95.060When sentence begins to run.
HTMLPDF 9.95.062Stay of judgmentWhen prohibitedCredit for jail time pending appeal.
HTMLPDF 9.95.063Conviction upon new trialFormer imprisonment deductible.
HTMLPDF 9.95.064Conditions of release.
HTMLPDF 9.95.070Reductions for good behavior.
HTMLPDF 9.95.080Revocation and redetermination of minimum for infractions.
HTMLPDF 9.95.090Labor required.
HTMLPDF 9.95.100Prisoner released on serving maximum term.
HTMLPDF 9.95.110Parole.
HTMLPDF 9.95.115Parole of life term prisonersCrimes committed before July 1, 1984.
HTMLPDF 9.95.116Duration of confinementMandatory life sentencesCrimes committed before July 1, 1984.
HTMLPDF 9.95.120Suspension, revision of paroleCommunity corrections officersHearingRetaking violatorsReinstatement.
HTMLPDF 9.95.121On-site revocation hearingProcedure when waived.
HTMLPDF 9.95.122On-site revocation hearingRepresentation for alleged violatorsCompensation.
HTMLPDF 9.95.123On-site parole or community custody revocation or violations hearingsConductWitnessesSubpoenas, enforcement.
HTMLPDF 9.95.124On-site revocation hearingAttorney general's recommendationsProcedural rules.
HTMLPDF 9.95.125On-site parole revocation hearingBoard's decisionReinstatement or revocation of parole.
HTMLPDF 9.95.126On-site revocation hearingCooperation in providing facilities.
HTMLPDF 9.95.130Parole-revoked offender as escapee.
HTMLPDF 9.95.140Record of paroleesPrivacyRelease of sex offender informationImmunity from liabilityCooperation by officials and employees.
HTMLPDF 9.95.143Court-ordered treatmentRequired disclosures.
HTMLPDF 9.95.150Rules and regulations.
HTMLPDF 9.95.155Rule making regarding sex offenders.
HTMLPDF 9.95.160Governor's powers not affectedRevocation of paroles granted by board.
HTMLPDF 9.95.170Board to inform itself as to each convictRecords from department of corrections.
HTMLPDF 9.95.190Application of RCW 9.95.010 through 9.95.170 to inmates previously committed.
HTMLPDF 9.95.200Probation by courtInvestigation by secretary of corrections.
HTMLPDF 9.95.204Misdemeanant probation servicesCounty supervision.
HTMLPDF 9.95.210Conditions of probation.
HTMLPDF 9.95.214Assessments for supervision of misdemeanant probationers.
HTMLPDF 9.95.220Violation of probationRearrestImprisonment.
HTMLPDF 9.95.230Court revocation or termination of probation.
HTMLPDF 9.95.240Dismissal of information or indictment after probation completedVacation of conviction.
HTMLPDF 9.95.250Community corrections officers.
HTMLPDF 9.95.260Indeterminate sentence review boardSupervision of conditionally pardoned personsHearing.
HTMLPDF 9.95.265Report to governor and legislature.
HTMLPDF 9.95.270Compacts for out-of-state supervision of parolees or probationersUniform act.
HTMLPDF 9.95.280Return of parole violators from another stateDeputizing out-of-state officers.
HTMLPDF 9.95.290Return of parole violators from another stateDeputization procedure.
HTMLPDF 9.95.300Return of parole violators from another stateContracts to share costs.
HTMLPDF 9.95.310Assistance for parolees, work release, and discharged prisonersDeclaration of purpose.
HTMLPDF 9.95.320Assistance for parolees, work release, and discharged prisonersSubsistence paymentsTerms and conditions.
HTMLPDF 9.95.330Assistance for parolees, work release, and discharged prisonersDepartment may accept gifts and make expenditures.
HTMLPDF 9.95.340Assistance for parolees, work release, and discharged prisonersUse and repayment of funds belonging to absconders.
HTMLPDF 9.95.350Assistance for parolees, work release, and discharged prisonersUse and accounting of funds or property.
HTMLPDF 9.95.360Assistance for parolees, work release, and discharged prisonersCommunity services revolving fund.
HTMLPDF 9.95.370Assistance for parolees and discharged prisonersRepayment agreement.
HTMLPDF 9.95.420Sex offendersEnd of sentence reviewVictim input.
HTMLPDF 9.95.422Petition for early releaseDetermination of parole eligibility review dateNoticeRecordsComprehensive minutes.
HTMLPDF 9.95.425OffendersPostrelease violations.
HTMLPDF 9.95.430OffendersPostrelease arrest.
HTMLPDF 9.95.435OffendersPostrelease transfer to more restrictive confinement.
HTMLPDF 9.95.440OffendersReinstatement of release.
HTMLPDF 9.95.900Application of certain laws to felonies committed before, on, or after certain dates.


Commitments: Chapter 10.70 RCW.
Counties may provide probation and parole services: RCW 36.01.070.
Final discharge: RCW 9.96.050.
Form of sentence to penitentiary: RCW 10.64.060.
Leaves of absence for inmates: RCW 72.01.370, 72.01.380.
Probation and parole, transfer of certain powers, duties to department of corrections: Chapter 72.04A RCW.
Restoration of civil rights: Chapter 9.96 RCW.
Victims of crimes, reimbursement by convicted person as condition of work release or parole: RCW 7.68.120.
Western interstate corrections compact, board members may hold hearings: RCW 72.70.040.