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Which sentences appealableProcedureGrounds for reversalWritten opinions.

(1) A sentence within the standard sentence range, under RCW 9.94A.510 or 9.94A.517, for an offense shall not be appealed. For purposes of this section, a sentence imposed on a first-time offender under RCW 9.94A.650 shall also be deemed to be within the standard sentence range for the offense and shall not be appealed.
(2) A sentence outside the standard sentence range for the offense is subject to appeal by the defendant or the state. The appeal shall be to the court of appeals in accordance with rules adopted by the supreme court.
(3) Pending review of the sentence, the sentencing court or the court of appeals may order the defendant confined or placed on conditional release, including bond.
(4) To reverse a sentence which is outside the standard sentence range, the reviewing court must find: (a) Either that the reasons supplied by the sentencing court are not supported by the record which was before the judge or that those reasons do not justify a sentence outside the standard sentence range for that offense; or (b) that the sentence imposed was clearly excessive or clearly too lenient.
(5) A review under this section shall be made solely upon the record that was before the sentencing court. Written briefs shall not be required and the review and decision shall be made in an expedited manner according to rules adopted by the supreme court.
(6) The court of appeals shall issue a written opinion in support of its decision whenever the judgment of the sentencing court is reversed and may issue written opinions in any other case where the court believes that a written opinion would provide guidance to sentencing courts and others in implementing this chapter and in developing a common law of sentencing within the state.
(7) The department may petition for a review of a sentence committing an offender to the custody or jurisdiction of the department. The review shall be limited to errors of law. Such petition shall be filed with the court of appeals no later than ninety days after the department has actual knowledge of terms of the sentence. The petition shall include a certification by the department that all reasonable efforts to resolve the dispute at the superior court level have been exhausted.


Effective date2002 c 290 §§ 7-11 and 14-23: See note following RCW 9.94A.515.
Intent2002 c 290: See note following RCW 9.94A.517.
Technical correction bill2000 c 28: See note following RCW 9.94A.015.
Effective dates1984 c 209: See note following RCW 9.94A.030.
Effective date1981 c 137: See RCW 9.94A.905.
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