Chapter 9.92 RCW



HTMLPDF 9.92.005Penalty assessments in addition to fine or bail forfeitureCrime victims compensation account.
HTMLPDF 9.92.010Punishment of felony when not fixed by statute.
HTMLPDF 9.92.020Punishment of gross misdemeanor when not fixed by statute.
HTMLPDF 9.92.030Punishment of misdemeanor when not fixed by statute.
HTMLPDF 9.92.040Punishment for contempt.
HTMLPDF 9.92.060Suspending sentences.
HTMLPDF 9.92.062Suspended sentenceTermination dateApplication.
HTMLPDF 9.92.064Suspended sentenceTermination date, establishmentModification of terms.
HTMLPDF 9.92.066Termination of suspended sentenceRestoration of civil rightsVacation of conviction.
HTMLPDF 9.92.070Payment of fine and costs in installments.
HTMLPDF 9.92.080Sentence on two or more convictions or counts.
HTMLPDF 9.92.090Habitual criminals.
HTMLPDF 9.92.100Prevention of procreation.
HTMLPDF 9.92.110Convicts protectedForfeitures abolished.
HTMLPDF 9.92.120Conviction of public officer forfeits trust.
HTMLPDF 9.92.130City jail prisoners may be compelled to work.
HTMLPDF 9.92.140County jail prisoners may be compelled to work.
HTMLPDF 9.92.151Early release for good behavior.
HTMLPDF 9.92.200Chapter not to affect dispositions under juvenile justice act.
HTMLPDF 9.92.900RCW 9.92.050 through 9.92.090 inapplicable to felonies committed on or after July 1, 1984.


Court to fix maximum sentence: RCW 9.95.010.
Excessive bail or fines, cruel punishment prohibited: State Constitution Art. 1 § 14.
Juvenile offendersCommitment: Chapter 13.04 RCW.