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Unlawful transit conduct.

(1) A person is guilty of unlawful transit conduct if, while on or in a transit vehicle or in or at a transit station, he or she knowingly:
(a) Smokes or carries a lighted or smoldering pipe, cigar, or cigarette, unless he or she is smoking in an area designated and authorized by the transit authority;
(b) Discards litter other than in designated receptacles;
(c) Dumps or discards, or both, any materials on or at a transit facility including, but not limited to, hazardous substances and automotive fluids;
(d) Plays any radio, recorder, or other sound-producing equipment, except that nothing herein prohibits the use of the equipment when connected to earphones or an ear receiver that limits the sound to an individual listener. The use of public address systems or music systems that are authorized by a transit agency is permitted. The use of communications devices by transit employees and designated contractors or public safety officers in the line of duty is permitted, as is the use of private communications devices used to summon, notify, or communicate with other individuals, such as pagers and cellular phones;
(e) Spits, expectorates, urinates, or defecates, except in appropriate plumbing fixtures in restroom facilities;
(f) Carries any flammable liquid, explosive, acid, or other article or material likely to cause harm to others, except that nothing herein prevents a person from carrying a cigarette, cigar, or pipe lighter or carrying a firearm or ammunition in a way that is not otherwise prohibited by law;
(g) Consumes an alcoholic beverage or is in possession of an open alcoholic beverage container, unless authorized by the transit authority and required permits have been obtained;
(h) Obstructs or impedes the flow of transit vehicles or passenger traffic, hinders or prevents access to transit vehicles or stations, or otherwise unlawfully interferes with the provision or use of public transportation services;
(i) Unreasonably disturbs others by engaging in loud, raucous, unruly, harmful, or harassing behavior;
(j) Destroys, defaces, or otherwise damages property in a transit vehicle or at a transit facility;
(k) Throws an object in a transit vehicle, at a transit facility, or at any person at a transit facility with intent to do harm;
(l) Possesses an unissued transfer or fare media or tenders an unissued transfer or fare media as proof of fare payment;
(m) Falsely claims to be a transit operator or other transit employee or through words, actions, or the use of clothes, insignia, or equipment resembling department-issued uniforms and equipment, creates a false impression that he or she is a transit operator or other transit employee;
(n) Engages in gambling or any game of chance for the winning of money or anything of value;
(o) Skates on roller skates or in-line skates, or rides in or upon or by any means a coaster, skateboard, toy vehicle, or any similar device. However, a person may walk while wearing skates or carry a skateboard while on or in a transit vehicle or in or at a transit station if that conduct is not otherwise prohibited by law; or
(p) Engages in other conduct that is inconsistent with the intended use and purpose of the transit facility, transit station, or transit vehicle and refuses to obey the lawful commands of an agent of the transit authority or a peace officer to cease such conduct.
(2) For the purposes of this section:
(a) "Transit station" or "transit facility" means all passenger facilities, structures, stops, shelters, bus zones, properties, and rights-of-way of all kinds that are owned, leased, held, or used by a transit authority for the purpose of providing public transportation services.
(b) "Transit vehicle" means any motor vehicle, streetcar, train, trolley vehicle, ferry boat, or any other device, vessel, or vehicle that is owned or operated by a transit authority or an entity providing service on behalf of a transit authority that is used for the purpose of carrying passengers on a regular schedule.
(c) "Transit authority" means a city transit system under RCW 35.58.2721 or chapter 35.95A RCW, a county transportation authority under chapter 36.57 RCW, a metropolitan municipal corporation transit system under chapter 36.56 RCW, a public transportation benefit area under chapter 36.57A RCW, an unincorporated transportation benefit area under RCW 36.57.100, a regional transportation authority under chapter 81.112 RCW, or any special purpose district formed to operate a public transportation system.
(3) Any person who violates this section is guilty of a misdemeanor.


FindingsDeclarationSeverability1994 c 45: See notes following RCW 7.48.140.
Drinking in public conveyance: RCW 66.44.250.
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