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Turkey shoots authorized.

The legislature hereby authorizes bona fide charitable or nonprofit organizations to conduct, without the necessity of obtaining a permit or license to do so from the commission, turkey shoots permitting wagers of money. Such contests shall not constitute such gambling or lottery as otherwise prohibited in this chapter, or be subject to civil or criminal penalties. Such organizations must be organized for purposes other than the conduct of turkey shoots.
Such turkey shoots shall be held in accordance with all other requirements of this chapter, other applicable laws, and rules that may be adopted by the commission. Gross revenues from all such turkey shoots held by the organization during the calendar year shall not exceed five thousand dollars. Turkey shoots conducted under this section shall meet the following requirements:
(1) The target shall be divided into one hundred or fewer equal sections, with each section constituting a chance to win. Each chance shall be offered directly to a prospective contestant for one dollar or less;
(2) The purchaser of each chance shall sign his or her name on the face of the section he or she purchases;
(3) The person shooting at the target shall not be a participant in the contest, but shall be a member of the organization conducting the contest;
(4) Participation in the contest shall be limited to members of the organization which is conducting the contest and their guests;
(5) The target shall contain the following information:
(a) Distance from the shooting position to the target;
(b) The gauge of the shotgun;
(c) The type of choke on the barrel;
(d) The size of shot that will be used; and
(e) The prize or prizes that are to be awarded in the contest;
(6) The targets, shotgun, and ammunition shall be available for inspection by any person purchasing a chance thereon, the commission, or by any law enforcement agency upon demand, at all times before the prizes are awarded;
(7) The turkey shoot shall award the prizes based upon the greatest number of shots striking a section;
(8) No turkey shoot may offer as a prize the right to advance or continue on to another turkey shoot or turkey shoot target; and
(9) Only bona fide members of the organization who are not paid for such service may participate in the management or operation of the turkey shoot, and all income therefrom, after deducting the cost of prizes and other expenses, shall be devoted solely to the lawful purposes of the organization.
[ 1987 c 4 § 36. Formerly RCW 9.46.030(12).]
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