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"Social card game."

"Social card game" as used in this chapter means a card game that constitutes gambling and is authorized by the commission under RCW 9.46.070. Authorized card games may include a house-banked or a player-funded banked card game. No one may participate in the card game or have an interest in the proceeds of the card game who is not a player or a person licensed by the commission to participate in social card games. There shall be two or more participants in the card game who are players or persons licensed by the commission. The card game must be played in accordance with the rules adopted by the commission under RCW 9.46.070, which shall include but not be limited to rules for the collection of fees, limitation of wagers, and management of player funds. The number of tables authorized shall be set by the commission but shall not exceed a total of fifteen separate tables per establishment.
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