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Refueling, bunkering, or lightering operationsAvailability of containment and recovery equipmentRules.

Any person or facility conducting ship refueling and bunkering operations, or the lightering of petroleum products, and any person or facility transferring oil between an onshore or offshore facility and a tank vessel shall have containment and recovery equipment readily available for deployment in the event of the discharge of oil into the waters of the state and shall deploy the containment and recovery equipment in accordance with standards adopted by the department. All persons conducting refueling, bunkering, or lightering operations, or oil transfer operations shall be trained in the use and deployment of oil spill containment and recovery equipment. The department shall adopt rules as necessary to carry out the provisions of this section by June 30, 2006. The rules shall include standards for the circumstances under which containment equipment should be deployed including standards requiring deployment of containment equipment prior to the transfer of oil when determined to be safe and effective by the department. The department may require a person or facility to employ alternative measures including but not limited to automatic shutoff devices and alarms, extra personnel to monitor the transfer, or containment equipment that is deployed quickly and effectively. The standards adopted by rule must be suitable to the specific environmental and operational conditions and characteristics of the facilities that are subject to the standards, and the department must consult with the United States coast guard with the objective of developing state standards that are compatible with federal requirements applicable to the activities covered by this section. An onshore or offshore facility shall include the procedures used to contain and recover discharges in the facility's contingency plan. It is the responsibility of the person providing bunkering, refueling, or lightering services to provide any containment or recovery equipment required under this section. This section does not apply to a person operating a ship for personal pleasure or for recreational purposes.
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