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Board of directors as trusteesDutiesRecords to be delivered to clerk.

Upon the disorganization of any irrigation district under the provisions of RCW 87.52.010 through 87.52.060, the board of directors at the time of the disorganization shall be trustees of the creditors and of the property holders of said district for the purpose of collecting and paying all indebtedness of said district, in which actual construction work has been done, and shall have the power to sue and be sued. It shall be the duty of said board of directors, and they shall have the power and authority, to levy and collect a tax sufficient to pay all such indebtedness, which tax shall be levied and collected in the manner prescribed by law for the levying and collection of taxes of irrigation districts. Any balance of moneys of said district remaining over after all outstanding indebtedness and the cost of the proceedings under RCW 87.52.010 through 87.52.060 have been paid shall be divided and refunded to the assessment payers in said irrigation district, to each in proportion to the amount contributed by him or her to the total amount of assessments collected by said district. Said board of directors shall report to the court from time to time as the court may direct, and upon a showing to the court that all indebtedness has been paid, an order shall be entered discharging said board of directors. Upon the entry of such order said board of directors and all the officers of said district shall deliver over to the clerk of said court all books, papers, records, and documents belonging to said district, or under their control as officers thereof: PROVIDED, That nothing herein contained shall be construed to validate or authorize the payment of any indebtedness of said district exceeding the legal limitation of indebtedness specified by law for irrigation districts; or any indebtedness contracted by such irrigation district or its officers without lawful authority.


Assessments, levy and collection of taxes: RCW 87.03.240 through 87.03.305.
Powers as to incurring indebtedness: RCW 87.03.475.
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